About Askarasoft

Askarasoft started from the dream to revolutionize education to help parent monitor their children progress during their school using AskaraEdu. Since then, we have helped thousand of parents know their children academic progress. After some extensive developement, AskaraEdu also helps school management to reduce administration burden.
Today, we have also helps companies to implement intranet solution to help employees communicate, colaborate, and sharing. Bitrix24 also has HRIS and CRM module to manage employee and sales staff.

Core Value

Backed by experience and professional team, we can handle almost any customers problem. Our team continues to learn new technology so we make sure that we implement the right system and technology to solve your problem.

We provide product guarantee since implementation. This warranty protect you from bug/error that might happen during the operation of the software. Our QA team will assure that bug/error will not happen during the operation of the software.

We have done extensive research on how we built our software to keep it simple and easy to use. It is so easy even for user with basic computer skill.

Most of the time, in order to use the software, company needs to adapt the business model of the software. Before you use our software, we do extensive analysis and modification so that our system can be really helpful to your business and not making it more complicated. During the implementation, we will help you on using the software.