Human Resource Information System
AskaraHR membantu departement SDM mengelola administrasi kepegawaian, laporan cuti pegawai, laporan keterlambatan dan kehadiran pegawai, performa pegawai, dan perhitungan gaji pegawai. AskaraHR membantu departemen personalia mengurangi pekerjaan administrasi pegawai dan memantau kinerja pegawai. AskaraHR meningkatkan efisiensi perusahaan dalam pengelolaan dokumen pegawai, mengurangi penggunaan kertas, meningkatkan komunikasi antara pegawai, dan mempermudah kinerja pegawai dalam hal administrasi HRD. Aplikasi kami memiliki berbagai fitur antara lain pengaturan cuti pegawai, manajemen kehadiran dan ketidakhadiran pegawai, modul pelatihan pegawai, klaim pengeluaran pegawai, perhitungan gaji, dll. AskaraHR didesain dengan tampilan yang sangat memudahkan untuk dioperasikan sehingga pegawai tidak akan mengalami kesulitan dalam penggunaan aplikasi.

Why AskaraHR?

Customized Solution

Our analyst will help you in determining the best human resource solution for your company. Our solution can be customized to suit your requirements.

Audit Trail

Every changes made in system will be recorded. Each modification will have timestamp and user details. This will prevent unauthorized change to the data.

Government Tax and Insurance Report

AskaraHR will help you to calculate employee tax report and insurance report according to government rules. Our system will be updated with the latest government regulation.

Benefits for Company

Some of Benefits for company using AskaraHR

Increase Efectiveness

AskaraHR increase human resource efectiveness using paperless system for HR administration. Reimbursement can be done directly on system. Leaves approval can be done by HR deparment directly. Attendance and Employee Leaves can be monitored  real-time so employee productivity can be increased

Reduce Costs

Paperless administration means lower cost because leaves request, reimbursement, business trip request can be added and approved using the system.

Monitoring Employee Performance

Detailed report about employee absence will make it possible for HR Deparment to monitor employee productivity and compare employee productivity from time to time. Our system will help you to determine if employees are worth enough to get more salary or increased rank.

Reduce Human Resource Department Workload

Employee leaves, reimbursement, business trip, etc can now be done on system. HR can review and make approval directly. Employee can login to use the self service feature

Calculate Employee Salary

HR Department can now calculate employee salary easier. Calculation for overtime or leaves will be easier. Our system can also calculate employee tax return and insurance according to government regulation. AskaraHR will be updated to the latest government regulation. For some companies, we can also calculate salary for hour based employee, part time employee, and freelance.

Application Features

AskaraHR application features

Employee Management

Organize all employee documents and data such as certificate, documents, ID. Employee can update their data by logging in to the system. HR Department can monitor employee attendance, on time performance, and leaves.

Employee Self Service (ESS)

ESS helps employees request leaves or reimbursement directly on the system. Employee can login and create request for reimbursement or leave request.

Employee Leaves Management

HR Staff can monitor every employees leaves and leaves request. System will keep track of each employee leaves and inform if leaves quota are reached

Employee Salary

AskaraHR will help HR department to calculate employee salary and each component such as overtime, leaves, tax, and insurance. Our system are designed to keep updated to the latest government regulation.

Manage Employee Trip

Employee can add business trip request. HR staff can approve or reject request if details are not complete enough or some data are not complete. Using Employee self service system, employee can view approval status.


Employee can request compensation for trips using self service feature. They can attach invoice where those invoices will be used as basis for reimbursement approval.

Employee Loan

Using company loan features, employee can loan to company. Each loan will have data such as loan term, loan amount, and due date. Employee will receive reminder about their loan status.

Responsive Design

Our applications are designed to be viewed on portable devices such as tablet / mobile phone