School and Course Management System
Automatic Scheduling, Extensive Report, Teacher and Employee Management. Increase your organization productivity using AskaraEdu.
AskaraEdu School Information System helps school and non formal education company manages administration from student admission to student graduation. AskaraEdu helps to reduce work in managing student attendance, student report, academic calendar, employee salary, etc. Parents will gain benefit in using the software to monitor student progresses.

How Can we Help You?

Our school information system is designed to help you in managing student administration such as scheduling, finance, classroom management, student report, etc. We help you to reduce administration workload and create more efficient process.

Automate Everything

Automate every administration process from billing payment reminder, schedule creation, calculating employee/teacher salary, and generates students report. Now you can focus more on your students progress.

Increase Parents Awareness about their children education

Parents will have access to view exam results, schedules, and school event anywhere.


We Build Based on Your Needs
We understand that each institution requirements are different. We offer customization to suit every institution requirement. Before we implement the system, our analysis team will list your requirement and study existing business process. We wanted to make sure that our application is really helpful to your organization in every aspect.

Multi Role Login

Role Based Access
Multiple users can access the system. You can assign student, parent, finance, and scheduler to have access with their own privilege. Each users will b given unique username and password. You can set their own privilege and access right.


Application Features

Student Management

Manage Student Schedule, Payment, and Exam
Our system will act as student database where you can have access to finance data, schedule, and academic report to each student. Just type student name and you will have access to every student data.

Class Schedule

Manage Student and Teacher Schedule Easily
Our system will help you create student and teacher schedule. Our reminder system will let you know if there are conflicting classes.

Employee Management

Employee Profile, Salary, and Teacher Schedule
AskaraEdu keeps human resource management simple by organizing employee data, manage teacher schedule, and automating calculate employee salary. Our system will help institution owner monitor employee productivity.

Finance Management

Tuition Fees, Student Billing Report, and Student Dues
Finance transaction report, student billing, and automatic dues reminder to student will help you manage finance easily.


Generate student academic report automatically
Our system will help you to generate student report by the end of the class. Create your own formula to calculate student results. No more spreadsheets to calculate student final score.


Student Attendance
Our attendance system can help teacher insert student attendance record and class journal. This will help parents know what their children learn at school and their attendance record. Finance department will know how many meetings left student has before next billing.


Parents/Students information using SMS
Our system is integrated with SMS gateway to send information/news to student. This SMS module can be used to send billing information so finance department won’t have to contact students to remind about dues billing.

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